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Our chef team from Červený Jelen and The vault participated in the national round of Bocuse d'Or in May 2023. The group consisting of candidate František Hrdina, Commis Ester Hlávková and mentor Josef Křížek performed very well in the competition.


They succeeded among strong competition including chefs from the Czech national team. Franta and Ester got an excellent score and they took a beautiful 4TH PLACE. Congratulations! And of course, congratulations to the winner of the national round, who is Dominik Unčovský.

Bocuse d'Or - Preparation

It all started months ago before the final event, when our team signed up for the competition. Before the national round, there was an elimination process, where the expert jury chose from all the registered chefs. TOP 10 chefs were handpicked based on experience and their concept.


As soon as Fanda and Ester learned that they would be cooking in the national round, they set to work together with their mentor Josef. The team then worked on creating the recipe, the entire preparation of both dishes had to be properly tested, tuned and trained, which took hundreds of hours!


It doesn't look like it, but our cooking team trained for the competition for 6 weeks straight. Throughout March and April, Fanda, Josef and Ester met before or after working hours in a total of over 20 training sessions, where they tried to pick apart every little thing so that everything would be absolutely perfect when they get to the big podium.

Bocuse d'Or - FinAle

In the beginning of May 2023 we took part in the Makro Czech Gastro Fest national round of the prestigious cooking competition, Bocuse d'Or. We couldn't miss it.

Marek Fichtner, executive chef of the restaurant Červený jelen and Trezor Špork, had become the president of the academy (expert jury) in the beginning of 2023, thus he had a large share in the organization and implementation of the entire event. Together with Mark, 19 experts from the Czech gastronomy scene sat in the jury.

Our team managed to fight their way up to the top 10 finalists and it was time to attend the finale that took place in Prague at O2 Universum. On Saturday, May 6, the third day of the competition, František Hrdina and his team also stood on the spot in front of the audience and jury.

The goal of all competitors is to prepare and serve two hot dishes in 5 hours and 35 minutes (one dish on a tray and the other on a plate) for the expert jury. The theme "On the tray" for this year's competition was rabbit loin and rabbit leg. The theme "On the plate" was vegetables - potatoes and garlic. 

And what did the final result look like? Check out our gallery for the beauty.


For the rabbit on the tray, our team chose a classic combination of flavors based on the traditions of Czech cuisine. 


The base of this recipe is emphasis on sustainability and local suppliers.

For the potatoes and garlic on the plate, our team thought of childhood memories. As children they spent whole days outside in nature, and they had to eat what was around.


They used potatoes baked in an ash salt crust with straw, supplemented with puree with sorrel.

This is called culinary art.

The Červený Jelen and The Vault team described everything clearly in a brochure, which they also presented to the expert jury. Have a look:

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